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Domain Name Management Services

Dot-ORG Accredited Registrars : Full Listing


Namestead tracks domain name record changes for domain names registered with accredited dot-org registrars.


Registrar WhoisID
#1 Domain Names International, Inc. R46-LROR
@Com Technology LLC R128-LROR
007Names, Inc. R8-LROR
1 eNameCo R38-LROR
123 Easy Domain Names, Inc. dba Signature Domains R9-LROR
123 Registration, Inc. d/b/a R83-LROR
1stDomain.Net, a division of G+D International LLC R10-LROR
A Technology Company, Inc. dba R77-LROR
Abacus America, Inc. d/b/a Names4ever R14-LROR
ABR Products Inc. dba Nitin Networks R119-LROR
Address Creation R15-LROR
Aim High!, Inc. dba Get Yer Name! R1299-LROR
Alice's Registry, Inc. R16-LROR
All West Communications, Inc. DBA AWRegistry R18-LROR, Inc. dba R17-LROR
AllGlobalNames, S.A. dba R147-LROR
America Online, Inc. R19-LROR
Arsys Internet, S.L. dba NICLINE.COM R144-LROR
Ascio Technologies, Inc. R76-LROR
BB Online UK Limited R20-LROR
Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd. dba R1292-LROR
Best Registration Services, Inc. dba R1301-LROR, Inc. R1248-LROR
Blue Razor Domains, Inc. R1268-LROR
Blueberry Hill Communications, Inc. d/b/a R104-LROR
BookMyName SAS (formerly Worldnet) R99-LROR R21-LROR
CADiware AG R1274-LROR
Capital Networks Pty Ltd R107-LROR
CAT, Inc. dba R1270-LROR R98-LROR
Comitnet AB R1307-LROR
Computer Data Networks dba and R22-LROR
CORE Internet Council of Registrars R23-LROR
Corporate Domains, Inc. R24-LROR
Cronon AG Berlin, Niederlassung Regensburg R110-LROR
CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH d/b/a R25-LROR
Cydentity, Inc. dba R132-LROR
Deutsche Telekom AG R136-LROR
Direct Information Pvt Ltd d/b/a R27-LROR
Dodora Unified Communications, Inc. R126-LROR
Domain Bank, Inc. R28-LROR
Domain Contender, LLC R1291-LROR
Domain Monkeys, LLC R1287-LROR
Domain Registration Services, Inc. dba R32-LROR
Domain The Net Technologies Ltd. R116-LROR
Domain-It!, Inc. dba Domain-It! R157-LROR
Domaininfo AB, aka R29-LROR
DomainName, Inc. R138-LROR
DomainPeople, Inc. R30-LROR, a division of Funpeas Media Ventures, LLC R112-LROR Inc. R33-LROR, Inc. R90-LROR
DotForce Corp. dba R137-LROR
Dotster, Inc. R34-LROR
easyDns Technologies, Inc. R1247-LROR
Easyspace Limited R36-LROR
Edge Co, Ltd. R1278-LROR
eMarkmonitor Inc. dba Markmonitor R37-LROR
EnCirca, Inc. R131-LROR
EnetRegistry, Inc. R1273-LROR
eNom, Inc. R39-LROR
EPAG Domainservices GmbH R40-LROR Pty Ltd R133-LROR
Firstserver, Inc. R1277-LROR
Freenet CityLine GmbH dba Freenet Datenkommunikations GmbH R53-LROR
Future Media Network K. K. R188-LROR
Gabia, Inc. R84-LROR
Gal Communication (CommuniGal) Ltd. R41-LROR
GKG.NET, INC. (Formerly GK Group L.L.C.) R164-LROR
Global Media Online Inc. d/b/a and R43-LROR
Globedom Datenkommunikations GmbH, d/b/a Globedom R44-LROR
Go Daddy Software, Inc. R91-LROR
HANGANG Systems, Inc. dba R45-LROR
I.D.R Internet Domain Registry LTD. R47-LROR, Inc. d/b/a R114-LROR
In2net Network Inc. dba R1271-LROR
iNamePro dba Dynadot R1266-LROR
INAMES Corp. (Korea) R146-LROR
InnerWise,Inc. d/b/a R85-LROR
Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. R48-LROR
Interdomain S.A. R49-LROR
Internetters Limited R100-LROR
Key-Systems GMBH R51-LROR
Korea Information Certificate Authority, Inc. dba R127-LROR
Ladas Domains LLC R1306-LROR
Melbourne IT Ltd trading as Internet Names Worldwide R52-LROR
Moniker Online Services LLC dba R145-LROR
Name Intelligence, Inc. R1282-LROR LLC R1288-LROR
Namebay R54-LROR
NameEngine, Inc. R55-LROR
NamesBeyond.Com R117-LROR
NameScout Corp. R57-LROR, Inc. R92-LROR
NameSecure L.L.C. R58-LROR
NetBenefit plc aka NetNames R60-LROR, Inc. R109-LROR
Network Solutions, LLC R63-LROR
New Dream Network, LLC R173-LROR
Nominalia Internet S.L. R89-LROR
Nordnet R62-LROR
Omnis Network, LLC R101-LROR
Online Orders Network dba R1309-LROR
OnlineNIC, Inc.(United States) R64-LROR
pair Networks, Inc.d/b/a pairNIC R103-LROR
Parava Networks, Inc. d/b/a and R65-LROR
Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd trading as PlanetDomain and PrimusDomain R134-LROR
PSI Japan R67-LROR
R & K Global Business Services d/b/a/ R69-LROR
R. Lee Chambers Company LLC d/b/a R1250-LROR Services Corp. R1272-LROR, Inc. R71-LROR
Registration Technologies, Inc. R72-LROR
rockenstein AG R1267-LROR
SafeNames Ltd. R130-LROR
Schlund+Partner AG R73-LROR
Secura GmbH R74-LROR LLC R75-LROR
Spot Domain LLC dba and R87-LROR, Inc. R123-LROR
The NameIT Corporation d/b/a R232-LROR
The Registry at Info Avenue d/b/a IA Registry R111-LROR
TierraNet Inc. DBA DomainDiscover R86-LROR
TLDs L.L.C. d/b/a SRSPlus R78-LROR
Today and Tomorrow Co., Ltd. R142-LROR, Inc. R1316-LROR
Total Web Solutions Limited trading as TotalRegistrations R79-LROR
Transecute (I) Pvt Ltd R1305-LROR
Transecute, Inc. dba R1308-LROR
Tucows Inc. R11-LROR R143-LROR
Universal Registration Services, Inc. dba R139-LROR
Web Commerce Communications Limited dba R140-LROR
Web Service Company, Inc. R1293-LROR
Wild West Domains, Inc. R120-LROR
Wooho T & C Ltd., d/b/a/ R81-LROR
Xin Net Technology Corporation R118-LROR
Yesnic Co., Ltd. R82-LROR
Total 145


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