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Domain Name Management Services


Namestead offers a vast array of features and benefits to a membership comprised of corporate brand managers, intellectual property attorneys, web hosting providers and enterprising individuals with large domain name holdings.

These members successfully leverage Namestead domain name management services to:

Quickly gain visibility over a large domain name portfolio

Namestead provides a centralized view for all domain names in your portfolio. 

Your domain name portfolio can be "mixed", encompassing any domain names of interest, including all owned, wanted, client and competitor domain names.  

With Namestead, you realize immediate and lasting visibility over your domain name portfolio for easy management.

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Control domain name administration from a single online system

Namestead members administer domain names from a convenient and easy to use control panel.

In addition to offering the typical set of database operations such as add, edit and delete, the Namestead control panel provides functions to fully annotate, categorize, sort and filter domain name lists.

The bulk import feature which is also available from the control panel quickly extracts domain names from large file lists and automatically categorizes domain names into a consistent "portfolio-style" format.

Namestead simplifies domain name administration through standardized domain name interfaces.

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Sort and filter domain names with powerful spreadsheet-like capabilities

When you have many domain names to manage, the sorting and filtering capabilities of the application are the most important features needed for detailed tracking and analysis.

Namestead allows you to quickly sort, tabulate and analyze the domain names in your portfolio.  In an instant you will know, for example, the total number of domain names that your own or the total number of domain names matching a personalized category or search expression that you have defined.

Namestead saves you time, because the system performs the calculations for you in real-time.  You can be certain the calculations are correct, because the process is systemized.  All of your information requirements and reporting needs are freely available to you as you need them.

In some ways, Namestead mimics the functionality of a powerful spreadsheet application custom designed for analyzing domain names.  With Namestead you sort domain names alphabetically, by domain name expiration date and even by the domain name's last changed date.

But Namestead goes much further than a mere spreadsheet application...

Namestead is pre-populated with default categories for errors, domain name ownership and those domain names that you watching that are currently in the "pending delete" status.

On top of that, you can personalize Namestead to fit your needs by creating categories that correspond with your business units, marketing programs or company policies.

Most of these fields are automatically filled-in as the domain names in your portfolio transition through various states.

With Namestead, you tap into powerful-spreadsheet like functionality.  At the same time, you leverage domain name specific tools that fit well with your company policies and business processes.

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Improve organizational efficiency through automated expiration date monitoring

The key to successful domain name management is the systematic automation of routine tasks.

Routine tasks such as automated expiration date checking and database updates are easily scheduled with Namestead.

Instead of checking domain names every day to ensure that none are soon to expire, you are freed to work on other, more interesting tasks.

The Namestead automated system prevents the introduction of data entry errors because you do not have to manually update the domain name database.  With Namestead, all expiration dates and other important fields are extracted directly from the domain name registry.

Namestead improves organizational efficiency by automating routine tasks thereby eliminating errors and the possibility of lost domain names.

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Automate domain name change detection

Namestead not only tracks domain name expiration dates, but also monitors registrar, name server and IP address changes for all domain names in your portfolio.

Track domain name registrar changes

If you intend to centralize all domain name registrations around a single registrar, Namestead allows you to quickly determine where all of your domain names are currently registered.  Namestead detects changes to the registrar field for you automatically.1

When your domain names are registered by multiple registrars, Namestead automatically sorts, filters and detects registrar changes -- all from a single, top-level view.

Monitor name server changes for a domain

If unscrupulous individuals hijack one of your domain names, then their first move will probably be to change the name servers for your domain name.  Their aim will be to redirect your internet visitors to a competitive or embarrassing website (i.e. adult).

To combat domain name hijacking, Namestead automatically detects unexpected changes to the name server field for all of your domain names.

If any changes are made to the name servers for your domain names, you will know...

IP address lookup and ping

The fastest way to determine if a domain name is currently being hosted is to "ping" it.  Namestead automatically looks up the IP address for each and every domain name in your portfolio.  If a particular domain name does not have an IP address, you will know that the domain name is either not currently hosted or has some problem that needs immediate attention. 

Changes to domain name status

In addition monitoring expiration dates, registrar, name servers and IP addresses, Namestead tracks domain name status changes for the following states:

  • Available
  • Active
  • Soon to expire
  • Expired
  • Pending Delete
  • Deleted / Dropped

Now you are no longer pressured every week to perform endless whois lookups from static HTML forms -- just to research domain names.

With Namestead, all relevant domain name details are centralized and kept up-to-date from within a convenient, easy to use control panel.

Namestead is a valuable time-saver that eases your administrative burdens through automated domain name change detection.

1 It should be noted that while consolidating the administration of your domain name portfolio into one system is a good idea, experienced domain name managers are generally against registering all domain names with a single registrar. Because registrar independence is much less risky.

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Receive intelligent notifications the moment domain names change

Namestead notification is programmed with intelligence.  All domain name changes are filtered so that you only receive notification of relevant changes.

Namestead makes good sense...

Unlike other domain name change notification systems, Namestead provides timely notification by only sending relevant changes to you.

Every little change in a domain name record does not rate a notification.  For this reason, each Namestead account is defaulted with the "quiet" option enabled.


The Namestead "quiet" setting ensures that you are only alerted when your domain name status transitions to any of the following states:

  • Available
  • Active
  • Soon to expire
  • Expired
  • Pending Delete
  • Deleted / Dropped

That is a grand total of six alerts per domain name.

With the quiet setting, you will only receive high-value domain name change alerts.


If you prefer the convenience of the Namestead control panel and would like to opt out of the email alert service, then you can set all domain names or any individual domain name to "silent".

The silent setting suppresses any and all domain name email alerts.

With the silent option, a full domain name change history is still visible from the Namestead control panel.


If you require detailed domain name status tracking, then you should select the "blast" feature under the Namestead control panel.

With the blast feature enabled, you will be alerted to every status change to the domain names in your portfolio.  This includes any and all of the following:

  • Available
  • Active
  • Soon to expire
  • Expired
  • Redemption Period
  • Registrar Hold
  • Registrar Lock
  • Pending Delete
  • Deleted / Dropped

Note that the blast feature is essentially the same as the "quiet" feature with the addition of status change notification for redemption period, registrar hold and registrar lock.

So even though "blast" is a strong word, with this feature enabled, you will still not receive an excessive number of alerts.

Nothing could be simpler.

The detection of relevant changes to domain names in your portfolio triggers immediate notification to your email, pager, ICQ or text messaging device.

Namestead is uniquely configurable to your needs.  

With Namestead, you will never again lose track of your domain names.

And you do not have to trade control for a barrage of meaningless or unimportant notifications.  With Namestead you receive timely notifications for domain name changes, filtered first by relevancy.

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Respond more quickly to domain name errors

While domain name registry errors are very rare, they do happen from time to time.

And any developer of a domain name management tool that does not disclose this fact to you and how they handle these scenarios is truly lacking.

Because given the nature of everyone's dependence on the integrity and high availability of the global domain name registry, errors have the capacity to impact everyone.

But in different ways...

Even though Namestead has no control over the domain name registry, Namestead still handles the vast majority of errors seamlessly and transparently.

In most cases you will never know the domain name registry was unavailable, because Namestead is built on a proprietary, self-healing architecture.

Namestead elegantly handles domain name registry error conditions through patented error handlers.  And this code logic with its embedded rules are adaptable to the changing states and conditions of the domain name registry.

Being alert with the ability to learn is the foundation of intelligence.

Finally for those issues that can not currently be addressed programmatically, they are resolved directly by Namestead staff who are always monitoring the system for unusual occurrences.

Download Software vs. Web-Based Applications

Unlike some of the shareware / download software that you can buy to watch your domain names (i.e. WatchMyDomains), with Namestead you are not and never will be "on your own" when it comes to technical support.

Namestead staff members are working to constantly improve the service.  It is our goal to anticipate and resolve problems proactively.

The makers of download software can not promise the Namestead level of service guarantee, because their distribution model is inefficient and their sales strategy provides few incentives for ongoing support.

Download Software Web-based Application
With download software, good "service" is an occasional software patch or new release which could be ready in a few weeks to many months.  In contrast, web-based services from Namestead are fully tested and published online in a matter of a hours.

Like all applications, web-based applications require significantly less testing than download software.

This is because, when tested properly, download software has to first be regression tested for many different environments and operating systems.

And regression testing is a significant time and cost expense.

Download software is risky because you never really know what you are downloading onto your computer.

Download software is usually delivered as an executable, exe file.  It always best to exercise caution when downloading executable files.

Many organizations will not allow dot-exe files through the corporate firewall, because .exe files can contain viruses, ad-ware and other malicious payload.

For these reasons, download software should be double-checked for no viruses and validated to be ad-ware free.

Namestead is different, because it is entirely web-based.

There is nothing to download and it is technically impossible to install a virus from simply using a web-based service like Namestead.

Namestead will not crash your computer, hog your computer memory or in any way slow down or busy your computer.

Web-based services are not the future, they are now.

Download software requires upfront costs that transfer all of the risk to the buyer.

In some cases, this can even induce a pump-and-dump sales strategy.

When all of the costs are collected up front and there is no real business or income stream to protect, there are very few tangible incentives for the developers to continue supporting the product.

Conversely, the Namestead subscription-based service approach emphasizes excellence in customer service and continuous improvement.

We feel that in order to continue providing service, we must proactively respond to customer needs and constantly innovate the service offering.

The Namestead focus on service is the reason for our success at retaining a solid customer base.

When you become a Namestead member, you are buying into a high quality, ever-changing, turn-key system.

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Safely, share accounts with multiple users throughout your organization

Namestead offers a secure, multi-user environment.

A web enabled software application like Namestead ensures that all users safely share domain name management and information.

No actual registrar-specific, domain name fields can be changed from Namestead.  You and your team can access Namestead without any security risks to your actual domain name records.

Safely, share your account with multiple users throughout your organization without risking accidental domain name deletion or other unexpected changes. 

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Maintain vendor independence

Namestead is not an ICANN accredited registrar or reseller.  Namestead is independent from any and all such associations.  

When you choose Namestead, you chose vendor independence because Namestead membership does not require you to register or transfer any of your domain names.

With Namestead, you have the freedom and flexibility to find the best value for your organization's domain name registrations.

Namestead is a vast improvement over the domain name portfolio management "solutions" offered by ICANN accredited registrars and resellers.  These offers by domain name registrars are typically only marketing attempts to register all of your domain names.

But who can blame them?

The domain name registration business is very competitive and the registrars are always on the lookout for ways to increase their billings.  And their version of domain name portfolio "management" is the marketing hype they like to use.

However consolidating all of your domain names around a single registrar is a risky proposition because you vastly increase your costs of switching by becoming dependent on just one vendor.

How many times have you changed or wanted to change vendors due to customer service or sudden price increases?

Consolidated domain name registration, as a way to get domain name portfolio management...  This is a bad idea also because you are not able to track, for example, all of your domain names wanted or the domain names of your competitors.

Bottom line:  Leave legacy domain name registrations with the current registrar, or change them if you like, but manage your domain name portfolios with Namestead.

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Passively audit domain name administrators to validate performance and retain accountability

Domain name administration can be safely delegated and even outsourced, but these types of decisions should not be taken lightly.

Quite simply, you can lose an important domain name, due to any number of reasons not the least of which are human factors.

As the responsible party, you can delegate the day-to-day domain name administrative duties, but you can not delegate accountability.

If a domain name does not get renewed, it is lost.  And you are accountable.

If you delegate or outsource domain name administration, Namestead is the system that adds "checks and balances" to the process.  

You achieve piece of mind that your domain names are in capable hands, because Namestead is the reliable solution for domain name portfolio management.

In addition Namestead serves as a trusted third-party for passively auditing your domain name administrator.

Your use of Namestead is in parallel to your existing solutions and procedures.  Namestead can passively audit your domain name administrator with or without their knowledge.  

However secrecy is not required in the majority of cases, because most domain name administration service providers are already very familiar with Namestead.

Domain name administration service providers usually welcome your use of the powerful monitoring technology from Namestead.

They have nothing to hide...

In fact many domain name administration service providers are the ones to introduce Namestead to their prospective outsourcing clients, because Namestead is an excellent auditing tool which benefits both the client and the service provider.

By choosing Namestead, you add redundancy into the delegation or outsourcing process while at the same time increase focus on revenue priorities through validating performance and retaining accountability.

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Combine domain name portfolio management with automated link popularity analysis

Namestead has successfully combined domain name portfolio management with link popularity analysis.

Having access to both tools from a single interface facilitates your research for the domain names that interest you the most.

With Namestead you are able to review side-by-side comparisons between all owned, wanted, competitor and client domain names in your portfolio.  And you are able to perform this analysis without any additional data entry.

You have already entered the domain name details once, why should you have to repeatedly enter domain names into a static web form?

Comprehensive research is valuable, but definitely not worth spending any more time per week than required.

With Namestead, all domain name research is now no more than just a few, simple clicks away...

  • With the addition of link popularity analysis, you receive objective measures for domain name valuations for each domain name in your portfolio
  • If you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization's online marketing efforts when compared with the competition, then Namestead provides the insights you need for making informed decisions.

Namestead is the innovative, all-in-one solution for domain name portfolio management and analysis.

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Simplify link popularity reporting through automatic email notification

Namestead automatically charts thousands of inbound links for multiple domain names.

With Namestead you receive regular link popularity reports for each domain name in your portfolio.

The reports include all indexed links from the top search engines.

And you get to choose the frequency of reporting -- weekly or monthly.

You will never again neglect link popularity analysis, because Namestead completes and delivers comprehensive reports to your email inbox.

You are now free to work more interesting tasks and align individual actions to priorities.

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Work Anywhere

Namestead frees you from being tied to a desk, because the domain name management system is entirely web-based.

All that is required is a computer with an internet connection.

Unlike download software or desktop applications, Namestead allows you to successfully manage domain name portfolios from any location... even while on the go.

You are free to check and administer domain names while telecommuting, on vacation and even while in-transit during business travel.

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