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Domain Name Management Services

Free Domain Name Tools : Typo Hunter for snatching fabulous shopping bargains on eBay

Step #1: Enter the correct spelling of the item to find on eBay
Step #2: Select the eBay store to search
Step #3: click search for the best eBay deals

How it Works

Many eBay auction listings contain typographical errors (i.e. "typos") in the title. For example, 'software' may be spelled mistakenly as 'softwre'. This means that when someone searches for 'software', the misspelling 'softwre' is not displayed. eBay listings with mis-spelled keywords often receive few if any bids. And no bids means less competition for you as a bidder!

Namestead generates common typing errors for any keyword you enter. It is all done from a very simple online form. With Namestead, you will now be able to find those elusive typographical errors such as the one in the 'softwre' listing... By using this tool from Namestead, you will save lots of money when you make purchases on eBay! This is a FREE service from Namestead.

This FREE tool from Namestead automatically constructs typos from your input.

  • Use this form to create a list of typos. 
  • Get the best deals on eBay. 

Note: If you are looking to register domain name typos, Namestead has an excellent domain name registration script for registering domain name typos. Click the smart search link and enter your keyword. Then select any one of the intelligent search options such as "Add popular prefixes", "Add popular suffixes", "View choices with related keywords".

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